Frequently Asked Questions:

What level of medical care do Caremoor Retirement Center and The Carriage House at Caremoor provide?

Caremoor Retirement Center and The Carriage House at Caremoor are assisted living facilities which offer enhanced care. Our two assisted living facilities provide daily meals, housekeeping services, and help with day-to-day living activities. Patients who require around-the-clock care for acute or chronic illnesses should seek their physician's advice in choosing the right facility.

Do you have a facility physician?

Yes, Caremoor Retirement Center is served by a gerontologist from the staff of Carolina's Medical Center NorthEast, who sees patients at our facility on request. A number of our patients choose to retain their own physicians.

Do you have a nurse or doctor on call at all times?

Caremoor Retirement Center is a residential assisted living facility. While we are unable to offer round-the-clock supervision by a physician or R.N., our trained staff of CNA's, supervisors, and medication technicians are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to see to our residents' health and well-being.

What transportation services do you offer?

Caremoor Retirement Center assists our residents with scheduled transportation to doctors' offices, and also provides scheduled transportation for activities — including shopping trips!

My loved ones are married and do not want to be separated. Does Caremoor allow married couples to stay together?

Absolutely! Caremoor offers both private and semi-private rooms, and we strive to accommodate the emotional needs of our residents, not just their health needs. Whenever possible, we accommodate married couples who wish to stay together.

My loved one has special dietary needs, prescribed by a physician. Does Caremoor offer meals that meet his/her needs?

Caremoor provides three nutritional meals per day, prepared in accordance with state guidelines and doctors' orders. We regularly accommodate residents who require diabetic diets or who have other special dietary needs and restrictions. Call today and we'll be glad to discuss how we can meet your loved one's special dietary needs.